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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 7, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. time to take a look at great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." police deliver some tough love at the drive-through. >> you got to wait in line like everybody else. >> how one woman got one mctaser to go. >> oh, my god. >> a propane disaster, all hell breaks loose, after -- >> the hose came loose. >> how a filler up became a giant fireball. see the baby elephant who was digging some snow angels. >> i just can't get enough of this on my body. >> if soccer and a police chase
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were combined into a sport, you might have this. >> ultimate taser ball. >> no. >> what. >> taser ball. >> meet a player who's take an jolt and lived to tell. >> how's it going? nobody likes a line jumper, especially when you're going for some chicken mcnuggets. >> especially. >> one in north carolina caused such a scene she ended up getting tased by the police. >> what? >> this is video taken by a bystander of evangalene, in her car with her 3-year-old daughter. she skipped over the order screen, skipped over the payment window, went to the pick-up window, cutting everybody else who's in line at mcdonald's. apparently an employee told a bystander that she has done this before, so they denied her service. she blocked the line for 20 minutes and kept telling her, you have to wait in line like
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everybody else. police came to the scene and according to the cumberland county sheriff's office that is when luca refused to leave the property, threatening the officers who showed up and watch what happens. >> [ inaudible ]. >> is that clicking noise, is that the taser? >> that's the oh so familiar sound of the taser. >> get out of the car. >> you hear the taser a second time and then you see her flop out of her car almost like a dead fish and see her there get her in custody. according to the sheriff's office, she was drive tased which basically means this kind of taser thing, not the prong. >> who does this over chicken mcnuggets? >> if the drive-through live is long, it's five minutes. >> she was charged with second degree trespassing and her daughter taken into private custody. >> that's horrible and rude. rude. >> rude. >> mcdonald's, chicken mcnuggets
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just as addicting as anything else. maybe that's what she had going on. >> i found incredible video shot near whitewater, wisconsin, looks like something out of a hollywood movie. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> you can hear both the sound of this explosion and the commentary from the person video taping this. this happened near highway 59. what happened was a guy who drove a propane tank was filling up and the hose came loose, so propane started leaking, tried to correct the problem but realized it was so severe he hightailed it out of there and other people got out. there were no injuries. we got some of this footage from wmtv in madison, wisconsin. according to wisconsin emergency management there were 3400 gallons of propane in the truck at the time this explosion happened. >> oh, my god! >> as you can imagine 9 11 calls
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came pouring in. >> we just had an lp truck explode. >> where? >> at our plant. >> is anyone hurt? >> no. >> propane tank fire one exploded driving by. it about blew my truck off the road and that was 300 yards away from the tank. >> that's the craziest one, someone driving down the highway. he had to stop his car because he said the explosion almost blew his truck off the road. people who live near the area luckily did not have to be evacuated because firefighters did get the blaze under control. >> good six miles from here they felt that blast. the neighbor lady up here has broken windows. >> it took firefighters from 12 different departments to get this blaze under control over several hours. luckily, the main thing is, no one was injured in this explosion. >> that was great of that driver to realize what's going on, run out of there and do his part in getting other people out of there. >> oh, my god!
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there's a video going around the internet that people may have seen and it's about a guy and his situation trying to pay his mortgage at bank of america. we decided to look into it. this is robert somerton. he's trying to make a payment, just the other day at a bank of america in lake port, california, in northern california. he says the bank will not take his cash. >>trying to make a mortgage payment in cash, i have $1380 sitting in front of me from $1371 mortgage payment and bank of america is rejecting cash payment of my mortgage. >> why would that be the case? why couldn't you go in if you have a mortgage through bank of america, why couldn't you hand them cash for your payment? >> well, we wondered that too. we contacted bank of america corporate in their home loans department and this what is their pr person wrote back to us. our banking centers are fully
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ready to accept cash for mortgage payments but when an account is in foreclosure, the customer must have already arranged through a formal payment plan before we would be in a position to accept a one-month payment. we talked to robert somerton by skype and he told us as of now he's not in foreclosure. he says b of a did take his payment over the phone. >> we were able to make a payment by phone when i got home. >> somerton's video has around 100,000 hits over four days and that surprises him. >> i was just talking to my mom and she said one of her neighbors came over and said she saw her son on a video on youtube. >> they will not take my cash payment. when i think of glass i don't thing of it as a high-tech piece of material. i think of stuff you get pickles in and -- >> yeah. >> stuff like that. >> drink out of a glass. >> according to corning, our future is going to be all about glass.
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♪ this video that corning put out is called "our world of glass 2" and just shows all the different applications that they're planning to create in our future that contain glass. ♪ >> they haven't spent time with people like me because it was trying to make a handheld device only a piece of glass it's not going to survive. >> if this is true it's going to cause a lot of people to have to be really careful. to answer your breakibility question, a lot of the technology in glass that we use in our modern products like ipods and iphones use something called a gorilla glass. it doesn't immediately break. it is much more durable. you can break it if you try hard enough, but that's the technology they're working on to make this gorilla glass even more durable. >> like a super gorilla glass. >> super gorilla glass. here it is applied to the interior of a car which i think is really cool.
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it's the whole interior of the car is all contoured. >> oh, my goodness. >> the girls are changing the theme of the car with their tablet computer. this is very jetson-like. >> so futuristic, isn't it scary. >> they've been promising this stuff for years. here's my money. i want some of this stuff. a formula 1 experience turns into a -- >> oh! >> yeah. one of those. the roller coaster drive that will have you saying -- >> oh! >> and this really is a hungry hungry hippo. see how she snacks. >> it's just hay. almost like eating salad. >> we'll see how that salad
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aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. it has severe storms in europe, lots of snow, and that's
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affecting some zoo animals like this elephant named mumba. check her out. she's the baby. she was born last june, so she's just months old, not even a year, and just rolling around. look at her, just rolling around like she's a dog. >> she's having fun. >> that is darn cute. she's like swishing it around with her trunk and making oddly shaped snow angels. look at her little mom following her around. what's going on. >> don't slip, honey. be careful. >> she's going under all their feet like i just can't get enough of this on my body. i have another video in switzerland. we know that europe is in the middle of a severe freeze and this is in lake geneva. everything is literally frozen over. >> those icicles look dangerous if they broke they could stab you. >> this makes you cold just looking at it. they need to consider some of those indoor boat storage
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places. >> geneva does have northern winds which helps this ice form because it's very cold and very dry. look at how people are being so careful, trying to walk across the ice. >> they look like they're trying to make the best of it. that woman was ice skating down the sidewalk. >> that's the cool thing about the fact that this entire city is covered in ice. everyone is experiencing it. it brings people together, because they're all having to deal with it at once. foxes . ♪ ♪ in case you guys didn't already know, formula 1 is my favorite motor sport out there. this is jane rexal and she is
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participating in the formula 1 experience. typically f 1 cars are just a single seat. she's able to ride behind the driver in this experience. this is in abu dhabi at the circuit. now, f 1 cars can go over 200 miles per hour, they can get from 0 to 60 in less than two seconds. >> wow. >> in addition to their extreme speed these cars are able to come down from 200 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in no time flat. >> this g-force of that must be so painful, probably takes your stomach. >> some of the gs in these cars can reach 3 to 4 if not more. she can barely keep her head in one place. and brake. >> oh! >> it's like a roller coaster. >> yeah. >> she needs those side pad things they give you at the roller coaster so your head doesn't bounce around. >> looks like her harnesses could have been a lot tighter for her. >> she's really top heavy.
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>> i mean i don't know the math of this. say the helmet is maybe four pounds, five pounds, times 4gs probably like having a 15, 20 pound weight on your head, if not more. >> how fast was she going? >> in this formula one experience just below max speed. max speed on some of these cars is about 205, 208 miles per hour. even if they're doing 180 miles per hour that is fast. coming down from those extremes is where you get the bobblehead. summer is around the corner. shawn is already out there. >> he has a prosthetic. >> that's next time on "right this minute." ♪ ready for some taser ball? >> no. >> what? >> taser ball. >> that's right. a big soccer ball and a taser. see what it's all about. and a reporter and a camel, what
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could possibly go wrong? >> did he decapitate that reporter? >> no. but see what did happen when we come back? cçrrú
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well, football season's over. >> oh. >> everyone's super bowl hangover is setting in and if you're looking for something to fill the void left by the nfl, allow me to introduce you to the
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utb. the utb stands for ultimate taser ball. >> no. >> what? >> taser ball. rules are simple. four on four, everyone's got a taser. they got this giant ball. they try to score goals
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toronto. >> no one is convulsing. guys usually only go down if they get like a good one. you'll see o of thevideosges it >> how many times per game are you getting taized? >> one tournament that night i counted 28 taiz marks. >> do you have a hard time recruiting people? >> i'm getting so many saying how can i play, can i buy a franchise and people want to play it really bad. >> any females? i have not had any females say they would like to play, but i have lots of people saying thuflds love to go watch. >> we should start an office league. >> you're on your own. what do we know about animals on live tv.
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>> they always do weird stuff. >> unpredictable. >> that's what happened to this reporter in turkey who decided to go out to a farm and hang out with a camel. >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh! >> decapitate that reporter? >> that camel went straight on for a taste. >> he went straight for the jugular. >> he's like a vampire camel. ♪ >> the guy is like feeding him something, tries to go pet him and then -- >> oh, my god! >> the camel decides he's not done. >> dude, i didn't give you consent to put my face on camera and this is what you get. >> gave him a big old camel hickey. >> look at the horror on her face like -- >> did i just watch the death of my correspondent on live tv. >> i like he jumps right back up though, nothing happened, nothing happened. >> walk it off. walk it off. >> he still grabs like a handful of food to go back to the camel and keep feeding him.
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>> at least the camel didn't hock a lugi on him. >> he heard of this thing called viral videos and russia is so popular. no, it's turkey now, man. >> trying to boost turkey in the viral video standings. >> yep. as soon as he did that bite, this is so going on youtube. i'm supposed to remind you to go to so there. it's like [ inaudible ]. >> i almost thought this was fake until -- >> until the heat starts kicking in. see if his chili challenge is as good as ours. >> i have some spicy peppers. >> that was good.
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as much as i can i like to show you motorcycle stuff, pro stuff i get a kick out of. this one is awesome. this is horst kaudela, riding at the dirt park in hungary and decided to put his go pro pointing at his face for a very unique and, in my opinion, very funny view. >> he looks like a giant bobble haelds. >> awesome. do you make faces when you play volleyball? >> of course. the way this is attached it
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would make any scenario funny. >> we've seen other videos before with the camera pointing from the point of view direction and people have commented, wow, can't be real, no way his head is that stable. >> the camera is attached to his head so that's why it looks so stable. his head is moving but when the camera and the head are like essentially the same thing. >> oh. i didn't need to see him spitting. like stuck to the side of his face. >> this is sport. come on, sometimes spit happens, you know. it's really impolite to ask a woman how much she weighs. >> extremely. >> unless her name is guds lieu pay. >> one more time. >> probably a guard lieu pay or two in your family. >> like 25 of them. >> but they're not hippos. guard lieu pay is a hippo at a park zoo in seattle. look what they do to weigh her and get her on the scale. look how they're feeding her. >> points and backs up.
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she is on the scale. >> and notice how he keeps feeding her so the scale keeps changes because she gets fed. >> she is like 3200-ish pounds. >> wow. that's like a car. >> the final total, 3285 pounds. >> i love that they enticed her with food. >> i know. they kept -- they keep feeding her like she's going to constantly weigh moreach time she gets on the scale. >> because it's just hay, almost like eating salad, you know. you can eat all the salad you want. i think it's good they're feeding her a little hay. seeing all this time, i thought hippos made marble. >> she is a hungry hungry hippo, nick. crazy snap guys do. we've seen it on the show before. guys trying to eat really hot peppers, right, doing those -- what are those shots called? >> kill shots. >> kill shots. >> crazy thing. ♪ >> this guy in the uk decided he
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wanted to jump on the bandwagon and try his own little challenge. >> this pepper is like [ inaudible ]. >> he put the whole thing in his mouth. >> i almost thought this thing was fake until -- [ bleep ]. >> oh, he's drooling. >> i thought is it hard, yogurt, what is he eating? then he started shaking like a mad man. >> oh! >> yes! >> then he vomits. >> jalapeno pepper has the units of 5,000 and this pepper is 850,000 to a 1 million. hold on a second. i have some spicy peppers, but look, i'll spare you guys, they're tiny slivers. these are serrano peppers. these have 2500 units. >> they're not as hot as a
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jalapeno. >> no. >> oh. >> that was good. >> little hot. >> that sneaks up on you too. >> right in the back of your throat. sweating. >> yeah, that's hot. for me. >> don't drink water. that's the worst thing you can do for it. >> all right. thank you for trying. >> oh. my hands are sweating. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're going to leave you with a video from back country, a year under the stars. enjoy it and don't forget we have another half hour of "right this minute" on the way. note note ♪ ♪ c
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